Tulppa® (Finnish for ‘plug’) is a horizontal-installation wet room insulation board that simultaneously functions as a building board and waterproofing material. The core of the board is closed-cell, waterproof and mould-proof Finnfoam insulation board, while the surface layer is durable special purpose cement mortar. Tulppa-compatible products are available from ARDEX, Casco, SCHÖNOX and Sika.

Introducing the Tulppa wet room board »

  • Easy and fast installation

    Tulppa's patented installation method makes installation work uncomplicated, and matching edge profiles ensure that all joints are waterproof.

  • Easy to cut

    The boards can be cut to shape easily using
    a box cutter or handsaw.

  • Easy to handle

    The lightweight board is easy to handle: the boards can be moved by a single person on the construction site.